Clinically proven extremozymes lie at the heart of Nyasa’s clean formulations. Renown for surviving and thriving in nature’s most extreme environments, they are imbued with exceptional potency and purity. These miraculous plants simultaneously work to provide powerful protection against external stresses whilst stimulating the skin’s regenerative process, resulting in an energised, radiant complexion.

Haberlea Rhodopensis, the ‘Resurrection Plant’, grows in dry, arid environments. It survives long droughts, often over years, to then flourish once more. It has an outstanding ability to protect, restructure and restore enzymes in the skin, increasing cell growth by 37%, and doubling mitochondrial activities. 

After only 7 days, it reduces wrinkles, increasing the skin’s moisture levels by 35%, revitalises cell metabolism by up to 90%, and increases cell regeneration by 37%.

SWT-7™ is a stem cell derived from Indian Gentian, an Ayurvedic herb known across centuries for its healing properties. Growing at high altitudes in the Himalayan mountains, it withstands extreme cold and intense sunlight. This ultra high tech ingredient is proven to renew and thicken the epidermis, reducing vertical wrinkles and smoothing skin.

After only 7 days, it reduces wrinkles by up to 53%, more difficult vertical wrinkles by up to 49%, and increases skin smoothness by up to 42%. 


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