At Nyasa we believe that three simple daily practices can give our skin radiance, as well as boost our overall health and vitality. 

1. Restore 

Cleansing – Using a high performing cleanser dissolves impurities and toxins from the skin, especially needed after a long day in an urban environment, and protects its pH balance whilst restoring lost lipids. Deeply cleansed skin helps to maintain a clear, healthy complexion. 

Sleep – Our skin focuses on self-repair overnight to counter the effects of ageing, enabling the products we apply to work at their optimum. Whilst sleeping, new collagen is produced, the natural lipid barrier is restored and inflammation is neutralised. After a good night’s sleep, our bodies and minds are rested, ready to face the day, and our skin has an fresh, even tone. 

 2. Refuel 

Hydration - Drinking sufficient water and staying hydrated throughout the day not only helps with our energy and focus levels,hydrated skin releases toxins effectively and increases the mobility of oxygen to our skin cells, aiding in their repair and regeneration. Well moisturised skin has increased strength and elasticity.

Nutrition – Good nutrition helps strengthen, protect and energise our bodies. High performing skincare acts like superfood for the precise area it is applied, taking the nutrients and actives directly where they are needed, leaving skin energised and luminous. 

 3. Recharge 

Sunlight - Sunshine triggers the release of serotonin (‘the happy hormone’) and the synthesis of Vitamin D, which stimulates skin’s repair. Whilst the need to protect from harmful rays is always present, enjoying a little sunshine gives us energy and helps our skin to glow.

Exercise – Exercise keeps our bodies fit and mobile, and has proven benefits for our minds and positivity. For our skin, exercising helps to flush cellular debris and works like a cleanser from the inside out. A little daily exercise not only helps increase vitality, it helps keeps our skin clean and healthy.