Our Story 

Like many women today, founders Maria and Kate realised that their skin was being compromised daily by their external world – pollution, stress, digital devices - and combined their business expertise and passion for health and wellbeing to create a solution. 

 The range was born from a need to shield the skin from environmental stress, and to recharge it. To make it stronger, so that it could withstand the grind of daily life. Repairing at a cellular level was key, as was enabling the skin to defend itself against inflammation. Working with leading biologists, cosmetic scientists and facialists, the unique 3Generation system was developed: a triple-action approach designed to strengthen, energise and protect at all dermal layers. 

Meaning ’to re-connect and re-energise’, Nyasa is the result of their commitment to create the ultimate, clean skincare range that specifically counter-acts the impact of stress and the external challenges women face today, leaving the skin strong, healthy and radiant. 


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