This is a condition where flat, darkened patches form in the skin. They can be caused by sun damage, inflammation, hormonal changes or scarring.

3-Step Morning Ritual

Step 1: 
Use Pure Glow Nourishing Cleansing Balm to effectively cleanse the skin.


• Haberlea Rhodopensis (Resurrection Plant) to regenerate damaged cells 

• Pomegranate Enzymes to lift dark patches. 

Step 2: 

Follow with Super Star Restorative Eye Serum for the delicate area around the eyes.


• Vitamin C to even out and brighten skin tone 

• Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract to reduce the appearance of dark circles 

Step 3: 

Use Luminosity Illuminating Super Serum to promote skin cell regeneration.

 8% Glycolic Acid and AHA Fruit Acids (natural exfoliants) to promote the cycle of skin shedding to reduce pigmentation and scarring 

• Liquorice Root to lighten dark patches 

Step 4:

Finish with New Dawn Rejuvenating Daily Moisturiser, which acts like superfood for the skin providing bio-actives, vitamins and moisture, to help it to transform.


• Inca-Inchi Oil (Omega 3,6,9 Fatty Acids) to regenerate cells 

• Swiss Garden Cress Extract to lighten pigmentation 

• Rosemary Extract to reverse cell damage 

Simple Evening Ritual 
In the evening, simply follow the same steps, replacing New Dawn with Midnight Feast

Step 4: 

Finish with Midnight Feast Replenishing Night Balm to repair and rejuvenate your skin whilst you sleep.


• Swiss Garden Cress Extract to lighten and visibly reduce age spots 

• Canola Oil (Vitamin E rich) to reduce irritation, and soothe and moisturise the skin 

• Heart Seed Extract, rich in Essential Fatty Acids, to calm, soothe and soften the skin