A common skin condition where there is an over production of sebum combined with dead cells blocking pores. This can lead to inflammation, breakouts and painful cysts, which can lead to scarring and pigmentation. It can be caused by a range of factors, including fluctuating hormones.

3-Step Morning Ritual

Step 1: 
Use Pure Glow Nourishing Cleansing Balm to effectively cleanse the skin. 

• Pomegranate Enzymes to gently remove the outer layer of dead skin cells that trap sebum and bacteria, and to reduce pore size, leaving the skin clean and smooth 
• Rosehip Oil, rich in Vitamin A, to reduce breakouts 

Step 2: 

Follow with Luminosity Illuminating Super Serum to promote skin cell regeneration.
• Haberlea Rhodopensis (Resurrection Plant) to transform impaired skin, improving skin texture and redness 
• 8% Glycolic Acid and AHA Fruit Acids to effectively exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, alleviate skin flaking and add moisture, revealing smoother, brighter skin with fewer irregularities. 

Step 3: 

Finally, use New Dawn Rejuvenating Daily Moisturiser, which acts like superfood for the skin providing bio-actives, vitamins and moisture, to help it to transform.
• Haberlea Rhodopensis (Resurrection Plant) to protect and transform impaired skin, and improve skin texture and redness 
• Micro-Algae to provide an instant tightening and lifting effect 
• Echium Oil to protect the skin’s lipid barrier 
• Ceramides to replenish the skin and fight free radicals 

Simple Evening Ritual 
Simply repeat the Morning Ritual, and add on one last step to really lock in moisture and help your skin restore its vitality, working with its own circadian rhythms whilst you sleep.

Step 4: 

Finish with Midnight Feast Replenishing Night Balm to repair and rejuvenate your skin whilst you sleep. 

• Haberlea Rhodopensis (Resurrection Plant) to aid rehydration of dry skin, revitalise sensitive, impairedskin, and improve skin texture and redness 
• Canola Oil, rich in Vitamin E with anti-inflammatories, to soothe and moisturise, improving the skin barrierfunction and balancing skin conditions 

Evening Primrose Oil to soothe and protect dry skin
• Heart Seed Extract, rich in Essential Fatty Acids, to soothe and soften 
• Hyaluronic Spheres, which hold even more moisture than Hyaluronic Acid, to provide long lastinghydration, ensuring soft, smooth, and elastic skin